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As an authorized dealer for World Energy Company, Ltd., we offer a full line of innovative and efficient absorption heating and cooling products. Each unit is designed for reliable, low maintenance, energy efficient performance. All of our machines are backed by an industry leading warranty and come with advanced microprocessor controllers and optional internet connectivity for remote monitoring and alerts. After installation, we offer scheduled services that will keep your absorption machine running at peak performance.


Absorption Machines for Energy and the Environment

Absorption Machines provide the best solution for CHP and CCHP application by utilizing waste heat more efficiently through various Absorption Machine technologies.

  • No CFC’s and Environmentally safe

  • Cost-Effective Direct Cooling & Heating

  • Low Noise & Low Vibration operation

  • Precise & Optimized Control by Microprocessor-based Controller

  • Saving on Initial Investment

  • High Reliability

Exhaust Energy Recovery

Exhaust Energy Recovery

Exhaust Gas Driven Absorption Machines produce cooling and heating directly from the exhaust gas of a reciprocating engine or gas turbine without any additional heat recovery systems. Also, Hot Water Driven machines produce cooling from the hot water in the engine jacket or other sources. Specifically, in a Double-Lift type machine, cooling can be produced from water that it is 55°C (131°F).

Reliability & Easy Maintenance-f1

Reliability & Easy Maintenance

Hermetically designed refrigerant and solution pumps, the only moving parts, are reliable and easy to field service through pump isolation valves. A marine-type water box cover on both the absorber and the condenser allow for easy tube cleaning and water box inspection. Factory performance testing, provided as an option, ensures performance and function of the chiller before shipment

Low Noise and Low Vibration-f1

Low Noise and Low Vibration

Absorption Machines produced by World Energy typically have noise levels of 65dbA. This low noise level will allow machines to be installed near occupied spaces or where strict sound requirements exist. Low vibration levels also make it possible to install the chiller on upper floors without special consideration for vibration dampening systems.

Precise & Optimized Operation-f1

Precise & Optimized Operation

Factory mounted and tested, a microprocessor based controller monitors and controls the machine’s operation continuously and automatically. A touch screen display identifies operational status and fault indication. All components meet internally acceptable codes such as, UL, CE, KS or equivalents. During the start-up sequence, the controller initiates a self-diagnostic system check to verify that all sensors are in range. Remote start/stop switch and a key locked control panel door protect against unauthorized access.