Expert Cooling and Heating System Inspection and Repair

Service Plans and Optional Scheduled Services


Absorption Energy Solutions, Inc.

Scheduled Service Activity / Service PlanStandard Service PlanPremier Service PlanAdditional labor and parts charges may apply
Inspect the chiller for any water leakage2 Times AnnuallyIncluded
Check for abnormal temperature, vibration, or noise of all pumps2 Times AnnuallyIncluded
Check non-condensable accumulation rate2 Times AnnuallyIncluded
Check hot water control valve and actuator for leakage and proper operation2 Times AnnuallyIncludedReplace if necessary
Check differential pressure switches (flow switches)2 Times AnnuallyIncludedReplace switches if necessary
Blow down refrigerant to absorber2 Times AnnuallyIncluded
Check octyl alcohol level and charge if necessary1 Time AnnuallyIncluded
Take solution sample and charge the inhibitor as necessary1 Time AnnuallyIncluded
Purge Pump: Inspect and check for proper operation, drain / replace oil, inspect V-Belts2 Times AnnuallyIncludedInstall / replace as necessary
Check system vacuum for proper level2 Times AnnuallyIncluded
Inspect solution and refrigerant pumps2 Times AnnuallyIncludedRepair / replace pumps if necessary
Inspect control panel and any unresolved alarms2 Times AnnuallyIncludedReplace or repair defective components
Perform vacuum leak analysis1 Time AnnuallyIncluded
Discount on Optional Scheduled ServicesIncludedIncluded
Prioritized unscheduled supportIncluded
Perform remote monitoring (requires installation and configuration of Internet option)Included
Optional Scheduled Services
(*) Check tubes for scale and fouling in the Evaporator, Absorber, Condenser and Generator. Clean tubes as neededRecommend performing this service annually
(*) Startup services after chiller has been off for an extended periodRecommend that a trained technician inspect the chiller and perform start up after the unit has been off for more than 3 months
Initial StartupRecommend a trained technician inspect the chiller and perform the initial startup after the chiller has been installed. If requested, will include support staff training on:
  • start up procedures
  • shut down procedures
  • how to perform daily operator maintenance checks

* Discount if performed during same service visit